School Profile



In October 1980, Lian Zhen, Librarian of Sun Yat-sen University, established the University’s junior college Library Science programme, thus initiating Library Science education in South China. In Autumn of the same year, Prof. Zhou Liankuan, the well-known library scientist, bibliographer and historian-geographer, and one of the founders of modern Archival Science in China, began to enrol postgraduate students of Library Science with an interest in bibliography.  This began postgraduate education in the discipline and made Sun Yat-sen University one of the first four establishments in China to offer postgraduate education in Library Science.

Sun Yat-sen University’s School of Information Management has, at various times in its history, been known as the Special Programme of Library Science, the Department of Library Science, the Department of Library and Information Science, and the Department of Information Management. Today's School of Information Management is an important base for research and teaching in library science, archives science and information science in China. It is also the only teaching unit with a complete first-level discipline system of Library, Information and Archives Management, and is authorized to offer doctorate degrees in library science. In 2012, the School of Information Management received approval for the establishment of a post-doctoral station of Library, Information and Archives Management. The programme was rated as a first-level key discipline of Guangdong Province, ranking fifth in the third-round discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education in that year.

After more than 30 years of development, the School has a dedicated team of staff, an excellent reputation, and a proven record in research and innovation ability. At the end of 2016, the School had 35 teachers, including 12 professors, 17 associate professors and 6 lecturers. Among them, 9 were doctoral supervisors and 29 were masters supervisors. In addition, there were 7 full-time researchers. Most teachers have international experience, either through studying abroad or through working as a visiting scholar.

Our construction of excellent courses, featured programmes and research projects are amongst the best in China. Between 2012 and 2016, the School had 48 ongoing national research projects, including 2 SSFC major programmes.  In recognition of this research, it received 9 national, provincial and ministerial level awards. The course Information Resources Sharing directed by Prof. Cheng Huanwen was selected as one of the first batch of "National Excellent Resources Sharing Courses".

We adhere to the principle of being "student-focused and student-friendly", and have educated a large number of professionals, providing them with wide subject knowledge, a solid technological foundation, and superior information management skills, and so enjoy an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Between 1980 and 2016, the School trained over 3000 undergraduates, over 600 postgraduates, and more than 30 doctoral students. At present, there are 992 students at the school, including 780 undergraduates, 170 postgraduates and 42 doctoral students.

On October 5, 2014, Sun Yat-sen University’s School of Information Management officially became Mainland China’s third iSchool, after Wuhan University and Nanjing University. In 2016, Miguel Nunes, an expert from the University of Sheffield, accepted the post of Dean at the School, and become the first foreign dean in this field. In the same year, the School officially joined the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the International Council on Archives (ICA); and established a training base for the IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) in China, further increasing its level of internationalization.

Looking to the future, the School of Information Management will continue to make efforts to achieve Sun Yat-sen University's goal of "being a world class university".